Assembling the Norway Spruce genome

Dr. Douglas G. Scofield

Spruce Genome

Dr. Douglas G. Scofield is Principal Research Engineer at Umeå Plant Science Centre at Umeå University in Sweden. At CPHx he discussed assembling of the Norway Spruce (tree) genome.

Assembling the Norway Spruce Genome: 20Gb and many challenges

The massive genome of the economically important Norway Spruce represents the most complex genome assembly project to date.

The low gene content (~0.1%), high heterozygosity, high but mostly ancient repeat content, and large genome size in spruce is pushing sequencing and bioinformatic technologies up to and beyond their limits.

A multinational effort led by Umeå Plant Sciences Centre, Sweden is assembling sequences from diploid tissue, haploid megagametophytes, multiple transcriptomes, and over 500 haploid fosmid pools, while developing novel techniques for merging information from all of these sources into a well-annotated genome useful for tree improvement, functional studies and basic plant biology.

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