Where to stay in Copenhagen?

There’s a lot of hotels in central Copenhagen, so a lot of options when you have to choose where to sleep during Copenhagenomics. What we present here, is nowhere near an exhaustive list of options – but it’s a short list with hotels at different price levels, so you can easily book your kind of hotel room for Copenhagenomics.

Most of the speakers will be staying at Wake Up Hotel.

Accommodation in Copenhagen with approximate price levels

  • CABINN City (€ 66 / DKK 485)
    For the budget conscious who want to stay relatively near the conference. Map.
  • Wake Up Hotel (€ 76 / DKK 565)
    For the delegates who likes a modern hotel and don’t mind a little walk (1 km) Map.
  • Hotel Danmark (€ 107,5/ DKK 800)
    Smack in the middel of Copenhagen, a short stroll from the conference. Map.
  • Scandic Webers (€ 157 / DKK 1170)
    A nice hotel, a brief walk down the road from the conference. Map.

It’s Summer this time of the year in Denmark, so walking to and from the venue is a nice option. And by far the fastest, unless you have rented a bike and go around the city like the locals do.

Let us know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help you with!

Hotels in Copenhagen

Hotels in Copenhagen