Dr. M. Michael Barmada – Informatics and Computing Infrastructure for Clinical High-Throughput Sequencing

At CPHx 2012 Dr. Barmada discussed informatics and computing infrastructure for clinical high-throughput sequencing in our session: Solving challenges in data analyses.

Copenhagenomics conference postponed from 2013 to 2014

Chairman of the Board, Thomas Knudsen, states: “We’ve had a lot of inquires already, asking about informations and dates for Copenhagenomics 2013. That’s really positive, but unfortunately we have to postpone the conference to 2014. Below I’ll share why we have to take this measure. While we have had two very successful conferences with an read more »

Dr. Eddy Rubin – Discovery of cow rumen biomass-degrading genes and genomes

Cow rumen microbes specialize in degradation of plant material, but most members of this complex community resist cultivation.

Dr. Christian Gilissen – Exome sequencing for disease gene identification and patient diagnostics

Next generation sequencing can be used to search for Mendelian disease genes in an unbiased manner by sequencing the entire protein-coding sequence, known as the exome, or even the entire human genome.

Dr. Lance Price – Uncovering the impacts of circumcision on the penis microbiome

Randomized controlled trials have revealed that male circumcision significantly reduces heterosexual (female to male) HIV transmission; however, the biological mechanisms for this protective effect are still unresolved.

Dr. Mick Correll – Creating an Information Ecosystem for 21st Century Genomic Medicine Sponsored by CLC bio

At CPHx 2012 Dr. Mick Correll discussed how the confluence of genomics, information technology, intelligent devices, and ubiquitous connectivity will fundamentally change the way we perform medical research.

Dr. Martin Kerick: (Epi-)Genomics in prostate cancer: Mutations, Copy Numbers & Methylation

Video from CPHx 2011 with Dr. Martin Kerick from Max Planck Institute (Epi-)Genomics in prostate cancer: Mutations, Copy Numbers & Methylation»

From the session: Cancer

Bogi Eliasen – Sequencing the entire nation of the Faroe Islands

The FarGen project proposes to implement routine whole genome sequencing in healthcare for a whole society of 50,000 people, the Faroe Islands.

Dr. Carsten Daub – Sequencing the transcriptome reveals complex layers of regulation

Dr. Carsten Daub gives an interesting talk about how sequencing the transcriptome reveals complex layers of regulation.

Dr. Giuseppe Jurman – Network biology and network medicine

Dr. Giuseppe Jurman discussed the importance of a network approach when sequencing large amounts of data.